Namgyal Qusar, известный тибетский доктор из Норбулинка

10294333_824021960945533_4793881922130886248_n Namgyal Qusar, известный тибетский доктор из Норбулинка, что находится рядом с Дхарамсалой, мне написал:"I am coming to moscow in the first week of August 2014 and if your friends need Tibetan medicine consultation and acupuncture treatment, then please inform them.

And my contact number is

Вот ещё дополнительный телефон прислал:"+79032726591 is my contact in moscow and I am planning to stay in Moscow from 1 August to 10 August". Адрес:Chertanovskaya street 39-2-47moscow metro:prazhskaya

Вот небольшая информация о нём:

Dr. Namgyal Qusar, one of the most prominent and famous Tibetan doctor in Exile community from Dharamsala, India is soon visiting to Moscow from August 1, 2014 for a period of two weeks. He is available for Tibetan medicine consultation and acupuncture and other tibetan medicine consultation and acupuncture and other tibetan therapies during this visit.

Dr. Namgyal Qusar has been regularly traveling to USA, Europe, South Korea, Thailand since 1987 at the invitation of prominent institutes and hospitals in these countries to give consulation, lectures, teachings and workshop. he is a clinical doctor, researcher, teacher and great scholar on Tibetan medicine. He also received several awards for his outstanding contribution in the field of Tibetan medicine. His research paper entitled; Tibetan medicine diet in treating Obesity and Cardiovascular disease was published in the International Journal of Cardiology in 2013.
So take this rare opportunity to consult with one the best and most experienced Tibetan doctor for your various problems from simple allergic conditions to chronicdiseases like Cancer.

И вполне интересный и культурный человек.

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